The Undeniable Role NGOs Play In Promoting Children

Role Of NGOs In Child Support And Development

Barring government, concerned citizens, and the civil society at significant play a pivotal role in revitalising the needs of a community. The everyday people are the ones who help marginalised groups out of difficulty. In India, the community that is most marginalised is its children. From the point they are born till they reach adulthood, children face a plethora of difficulties, some of which are life-changing.

It is why children’s Society Registration as NGO or Trust are cropping up all over the country. Through their strategic intervention, NGO workers are able to provide ground-support to kids to help build a better and brighter future. In this article, we take a look at the various methods through which Societies, organisations, trusts, and other charitable NGOs aid the development of children.

Education And No Child Labour: Two Pillars For Child Development

India is known around the globe as the country with the largest education system. Yet, when it comes to literacy, the rate is very, very low. The reason for it is low enrolment at a young age and even higher dropout numbers later on. NGOs help provide better education to children in the following ways:

  • By creating schools that have a learner-friendly environment, especially across villages and slum for children of all ages.
  • By talking with families on the importance of sending their children to school and helping them through the admission process.

Role Of NGOs In Child Support And Development

  • Explain in detail that schools are safe grounds that are free of discrimination. Children are not biased on the basis of socio-economic, caste, or gender categories.
  • Drive the need for free and mandatory education by promoting the financial framework that supports the Education Act of 2009.
  • Making going to school a fun experience by including interactive methods of learning.
    · Pushing children who have dropped out to go back to the classroom.
  • Encouraging children of the street or those working as labourers to join school.
    As per recent stats, 10 million children in India work over 12-hour shifts every day as stone cutters, miners, farmers and embroiders. NGOs play a momentous role in teaching the society of the imperative need to eliminate child labour. They do so by:
  • Education people and business of the evils of enforced child labour.
  • Commanding village, small town, and city denizens on reporting child labour.
  • Working towards eliminating child trafficking, the one mode that feeds child labour the most.

Education And No Child Labour: Two Pillars For Child Development

  • Fighting for more stringent anti-child labour laws. They do so by offering proof positive on which legislation can be made. The Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act is an example of the undeniable support NGOs have given to children.
  • Building relationships in the vulnerable communities of the nation and thus addressing the abuse, child rights violation, and trafficking they face in everyday life.

Offering Healthcare To Underprivileged Children

The birth mortality rate in the country is considerably high because parents are unaware of the essential healthcare and nutrition requirements of the mother and the infant. NGOs work on reducing newborn deaths by:

  • Making people aware of what they need to do during pregnancy and immediately after it.
  • Building an ecosystem that supports infant survival and health.
  • Training NGO workers to provide immediate healthcare assistance needed by pregnant females, new mothers, and newborn children.
  • Promoting the implementation of policies that offer better healthcare to infants and moms.
  • Giving better access to nutrition and supporting public health.

There is no denying that NGOs have done wonders to reduce child labour, improve child education, and decrease baby mortality rates. It is their holistic approach that has driven the investment of civil society and the government to work towards the betterment of children in every age group. A constant effort, substantial financial investment, and excellent infrastructure are the three areas through which NGOs have worked to better the most ignored section of Indian society- its children.

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