Fatal Semi-Truck Accidents

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Fatal Semi-Truck Accidents

Wrongful Death Lawyer on Fatal Semi-Truck Accidents and the Aftermath

Have you suffered a loss recently in a tragically fatal semi-truck accident in TX? It is a sad fact that no action can bring back your loved one or somehow make up for the tragic loss. However, following such an accident you do have several choices for how to proceed legally in order to achieve some compensation for your loss as well as some justice for those whose negligence caused the loss. More info on this website

You might ask us, what are the legal options following such a tragedy, and who will I need to contact to start the process to achieve just restitution and to bring those responsible to account for their actions? In any case of wrongful death involving motor vehicles and especially in cases involving semi-trucks, the practical and legal proceedings are complex and convoluted, far beyond the skill-set of an inexperienced attorney, much less someone who does not have a legal background or have extensive knowledge of the law who might try and represent themselves. The fact that it is a wrongful death case will make it so complicated that only an experienced attorney can hope to bring you through the situation. A fatal semi-truck accident wrongful death lawsuit is a complicated process made more so by each of its components. Our Law Office offers this article so that you have the tools to make your first step in the arduous process following the tragic loss of a loved one to a fatal semi-truck accident. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation. Remember that time is of the essence. If you are uncertain what your legal options are, call us today.

Fatal Semi Truck Accidents

A general and prevailing misconception regarding wrongful death litigation that involves semi-trucks is that the only real difference between a situation where someone is killed by an 18-wheeler and a situation where someone is killed by an automobile is the size of the accident and possibly the size of the settlement, since 18-wheelers are commercial vehicles. Both of those elements have truth in them. The size of the physical accident is indeed larger, seeing as how the difference in mass between a big rig and an automobile is enormous, and indeed some semi truck accidents affect more than just a few people on the highway. If, for example, the anti-lock breaks of a semi truck failed and the truck was moving along a flat standard grade stretch of highway, the velocity of the truck would carry the vehicle a mile before it stopped. Imagine thousands of pounds of steel hurtling down the road for a full mile. The damage could be enormous. However, some accidents involving semi trucks are of a similar scale to an automobile accident, if, for instance an 18-wheeler changes lanes without looking and knocks another vehicle off the road. It can be just as fatal, though. The second part of the misconception is that aside from the physical size of the accident, the only real difference is in the settlement, which is sure to be at least a little larger since 18-wheelers are commercial. Once again, this can be the case, since the insurance policies that commercial trucking companies hold are very large. However, the real difference between a fatal accident involving a semi truck and a fatal accident involving an automobile are the legal proceedings and the players on the defense. The trucking companies and the insurance companies are not going to mess around, they are not going to be altruistic, and they will try their hardest to prevent you from seeing a single cent of restitution for the loss of your loved one.

In fatal semi-truck accidents what you really need is an experienced and competent lawyer who has dealt with the companies in question before and who knows the ins and outs of the legal process involved with litigating a sem- truck wrongful death claim. An attorney taking on this case is not just dealing with the negligent driver of the truck. They are dealing with a whole team of experienced and aggressive lawyers, adjusters, and company officers. The wrongful death lawyers at our Law Office have been litigating cases like this for twenty years and can foresee the variations and complications that are going to be a part of this case. We will fight for your rights, however, so that you and your family will receive the just compensation you deserve for your tragic loss. We will outline some of your options as well as some of the primary obstacles that could prevent you from achieving restitution without an experienced and capable fatal semi truck accident attorney. If at any point you have any questions, don’t hesitate to us.